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“Now we both know that’s not quite true.”

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“Coil-Spring Apparatus” by Charles Winter


“Coil-Spring Apparatus” by Charles Winter

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Romantic Victorian Heart Necklace by ~byrdldy
For more info or to purchase follow link: [link]


Romantic Victorian Heart Necklace by ~byrdldy

For more info or to purchase follow link: [link]

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Here is a pendant of a mechanical heart. It is made of Copper and Brass with recycled watch parts. All hand cut and riveted together in old world style. 

Steampunk Heart

This is awesome. That is all.

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Previous knowledge:

  1. Do not go into allegedly haunted locations of any kind.  Especially if it means leaving a vehicle which has suddenly stopped.
  2. Creepy children should always be feared.  Avoid children at all costs.
  3. If you are driving at night, look up, and suddenly see someone in the road, KEEP DRIVING.  They are either already dead/undead, or they deserve it for standing there as if they were.  If you stop, you will die.
  4. Rock salt is your friend.
  5. Clowns are not your friends.  Whoever says they are… Just… No.
  6. If there is a camera aimed at your face at a really tight angle, there is something just out of your field of vision.  Something bad.
  7. Jump-scares are startling even when you know they are coming.
  8. If you are running from something, it is best not to turn around.

What I have learned simply by watching up through most of season two:

  1. Pretty much all of the main/recurring characters in this series (so far) are amazing.  Especially the evil ones.
  2. These writers really like to feature creepy children.
  3. Even if you continue to drive through any figures that may appear on the road, there is still a chance of death.
  4. Salt and burn.  This solves a slew of problems.
  5. In addition to rock salt, carry pure silver, pure iron, holy water, beheading implements, and fire.  Personal ineptitude aside, you will have a much better chance of surviving in the world.
  6. The Colt can kill anything.  As long as it has bullets (and you are competent).
  7. Demons must possess a host to have a physical form.  Even with this restriction, they can still be massive douchebags.
  8. Sam Winchester’s life sucks.
  9. ^ It can only get worse.
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